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Teeth Whitening in Winnipeg

Teeth whitening can brighten the shade of your teeth. But individual results can vary and aren’t instant. If you want to whiten your teeth, your options are getting an in-office treatment or take-home trays.

Some beauty salons offer this service. But for your safety and oral health, it’s best to consult a dental professional.

Teeth Whitening Options

Almost all teeth whitening procedures use peroxide. The stronger the peroxide, the whiter your teeth will be. However, peroxide can’t be left on the teeth for too long as it may cause sensitivity.

  • At-home whitening. Aqua Dental Wellness we prefer this option because it provides the best results with at the best price. You may choose between whitening strips and bleaching trays. You’ll apply the whitening strips directly to your teeth for a set amount of time each day for the length of treatment. The tray-based whitening involves wearing a mouthguard-like appliance. The appliance is filled with a bleaching gel and needs to be worn for a specified amount of time each day during treatment.
  • There are other whitening options available but many times these will also require you to use the take-home bleaching trays to get the results you want.

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

Teeth whitening is not permanent. You may need to come back to the dental office for touch-ups after a couple of months or every year. You also need to take into account other factors that may cause tooth discoloration:

  • Aging
  • Medications
  • Smoking
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Black tea or coffee
  • Wine
  • Sauces

Are There Risks Involved in Teeth Whitening?

You may experience sensitivity after receiving teeth whitening procedures. Improper use of at-home whitening kits can also lead to burned gums or damaged tooth enamel. Be sure to follow your dentist’s instructions. And contact the dental office right away if you have any discomfort or problems.

Want to Know More About Teeth Whitening?

If you’re interested in achieving a brighter smile, we can help. Come in for an initial consultation with one of our friendly dentists to find out whether teeth whitening is for you. Let’s book you in today for an appointment.



Pay for the initial whitening and you get touch-up gel for free at every cleaning.

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