Implant Secured- Dentures in Winnipeg

Missing teeth may make you feel conscious about your smile and try to hide it. You may also find it hard to speak or chew on food. Surrounding teeth can also move into the gap, affecting your bite and causing jaw discomfort or pain.

Dentures help restore your smile so you no longer have to feel embarrassed. If you already have dentures but are unhappy with it, you may also consider getting implant-retained dentures. Loose dentures can be reattached with the help of implants.

Implants will increase the stability of your dentures and reduce discomfort. Depending on your needs, our dentists may be able to retrofit your dentures or fabricate implant-supported dentures for you.

What are Implant-Retained Dentures?

Implants are anchors used when there are no more natural teeth left in the jaw but with enough bone still. Implant-retained dentures, on the other hand, use special attachments so the denture can cling onto the implant.

This type of denture is usually done for the lower jaw to provide stable support to the denture, but it can as well be used for the upper teeth. In traditional dentures, the appliance becomes ill-fitting after some time as the bone shrinks.

Implant-supported dentures stay in place as they do not rest on your gums and instead attached firmly into the bone. This also makes it withstand heavy chewing and biting better than traditional dentures.

If placed on upper teeth, you’ll also enjoy your food better as the roof of your mouth is no longer covered and your sense of taste is improved. Overall, dentures anchored on implants give you a natural-looking teeth replacement option that also lasts longer.

Types of Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures can either be bar-retained, ball-retained, or All-on-4.

  1. Bar-retained dentures. A thin metal bar is attached to the implants that are surgically screwed into the jawbone. Clips or attachments are used to secure the denture over the bar.
  1. Ball-retained dentures. The implant is attached to a metal that's also fit onto another attachment on the denture. The attachments on the implants are ball-shaped and are secured into sockets.
  2. All-on-4. All-on-4® is a treatment concept that allows you to replace several missing teeth in one day. You no longer have to count months to regain your beautiful smile.

    Instead of attaching an implant for each missing tooth, the procedure only requires four or even fewer implants to be secured into the jawbone. The replacement teeth or the entire prosthetic arch is then secured to the implants, giving you natural-looking teeth and a full smile once again. This option may be ideal if you have several missing teeth or are looking for a permanent and more comfortable alternative to dentures.

    Once you have your All-on-4® attached, you can return to enjoying your favorite food. You can chew and speak with confidence as your replacement teeth will no longer slip out. The procedure eliminates the need for adhesives, doesn’t require special care, preserves your jawbone structure, and helps keep your face looking young.

Advantages of Implant-Retained Dentures

  • Improved confidence. Since the dentures look and feel like natural teeth, your confidence in your smile is also restored.
  • Preserved bone and gums. Implant-retained dentures help preserve the structures of your mouth, which then also helps you maintain the shape of your face. The implants work to stimulate and prevent your jawbone from deteriorating.
  • Stability when eating. Since these dentures are less likely to rock or slip, you can eat without worries. Your diet is not restricted and you can indulge in your favorite food whenever you want.
  • Relaxed conversations. You can speak in a relaxed manner knowing that your dentures will not fall off.
  • No mess. There’s no need to use adhesives or pastes to keep your dentures in place.

Who are Good Candidates?

To receive implant-retained dentures, you need to have healthy gums and sufficient jawbone. The first step is an initial consultation with your dentist to determine if this is the right tooth replacement option for you. Your X-rays will also be taken to analyze the condition of your mouth.

With proper maintenance, your dentures can last for many years. If you’re interested in dentures or any tooth restoration option, contact us today at Aqua Dental Wellness or request an appointment online.

We're more than happy to help you embrace your smile again.