Why Flossing is Important

Most people who go to the dentist for cleanings have heard a lecture or two about the importance of flossing. While it may seem unimportant though, flossing is a critical part of maintaining short-term and long-term oral health. Teeth do not have two sides; they have five sides. If you only clean your teeth using brushing then you are missing out on two sides of your teeth, and upwards of 40% of the plaque that collects on your teeth. There is a level of disconnect with a lot of patients, as the benefits of flossing are only seen over long periods of time. When you brush your teeth, you immediately notice differences – whether it is a fresher breath or the smoothness of your cleaned teeth – when you floss you do not get instant gratification.

One thing that flossing helps with, that can be instantly gratifying, is that flossing can help cure bad breath. If you seem to have bad breath, even with regular brushing, and you have ruled out other medical reasons, it could be caused by the gunk caught between your teeth. Daily flossing can help remove bacteria (the waste produced by bacteria has an unpleasant odour), as well as decaying food particles that leave you with less than desirable breath. Flossing helps your breath smell great.

Plaque that builds up between the teeth can cause a multitude of problems for patients now and in the future. By flossing, you are removing both plaque and bacteria from between the teeth, which helps keep plaque from generating acid. Plaque on its own does enough damage, but without flossing and removing both sugars from food, as well as bits of food, from between your teeth, there is a further chance of tooth decay. This tooth decay is what leads to cavities, which leads to painful fillings and dental costs. Merely flossing twice a day when you brush will help avoid this and the associated costs. Forgoing flossing can also cause bacteria and plaque to build up to the point that they begin to eat away at the bones that support your teeth, not just their gums and teeth!

If you forgo flossing, then you can end up with gingivitis, which can then turn into periodontitis. Periodontitis is when the gum becomes so inflamed that it pulls away from the teeth and forms little pockets that can store even more bacteria than was getting in previously. Your body will, understandably, try to fight the infections that form, and as they do they can attack your healthy cells which causes further deterioration of your gums and teeth, leading to tooth loss. By skipping flossing, you are opening yourself up to devastating health problems.

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