So what if my gums bleed?

by: Dr. Tom Swanlund

Do your gums bleed when you brush, eat or floss? This indicates a chronic infection is present in your mouth. Bleeding gum tissue equals infection, plain and simple. Does the skin on your arm, leg, or face bleed when you touch it? Your gums shouldn’t either.

If your gums bleed then it shows harmful bacteria is present causing an infection which can ultimately transfer through the tissue into the bloodstream where it causes or exacerbates various medical conditions, including plaque formation in arteries which predisposes you to heart disease and stroke.

Another important fact is that long-term infection of the gums eventually causes the underlying bone that holds your teeth in to dissolve and be permanently lost. Eventually, the teeth become loose and fall out, an important thing if you enjoy eating. The worst part is that none of this infection causes pain until it is too late and you are about to start losing teeth. It’s a slow and very destructive process.

In recent years the literature is full of studies that show the health of your mouth is linked to your general health. Gum disease has often been called the ‘silent killer’. For this reason, we are diligent in recommending dental hygiene treatment to rid your mouth of infection, not just observe it because if it is there, it will most certainly get worse over time which will affect both your oral cavity and systemic health. The Aqua Dental Wellness team is proud to deliver the best care that we can that is backed by scientific research. We want the best for our patients’ oral health and their well-being long term.