Benefits of Routine Cleaning and Check-ups

Visiting the dentist at least once a year to get a cleaning is important to keep your mouth healthy. However, many people tend to avoid it year after year until they develop problems with their teeth and gums. You may be on top of your oral hygiene routine that is comprised of thoroughly brushing and flossing, but this does not completely eliminate your chances of tooth loss and other infections. Your diet and the overall condition of your teeth are also huge factors in your susceptibility.

Frequent cleaning and check-up sessions at the dentist are necessary to stay on top of your oral health. To inform you further, we have listed below a few more advantages of visiting your dentist annually.


We’ve all heard the saying, prevention is better than the cure. In the realm of oral hygiene, regular cleaning sessions are the most effective preventative methods.

Tooth Loss and Cavities: Accumulated plaque on your teeth cause gum diseases and weakens the supporting bone in your jaw, causing you to lose the infected tooth. Moreover, plaque has acidic properties that can devour the enamel of your teeth and cause cavities.

The good news is that built-up plaque, gum diseases, and cavities can all be prevented by simply getting your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis, followed by regular brushing and flossing.

Breathe fresh and Smile: Brushing and flossing help your mouth feel fresh for a couple of hours, whereas regular professional cleaning can assist in managing bad odors for an extended period of time. More importantly, dental cleaning removes accumulated stains on your teeth that often result from the intake of hot and cold beverages. A thorough cleaning of your teeth makes them white and bright!


Professionals recommend getting your teeth and gums checked every six months.

Teeth: The standard dental check-up consists of teeth examination to assess the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth. Since plaque is translucent, it takes a professional to detect its presence and severity. A lot of plaque that has solidified is termed tartar and it cannot be removed by brushing and flossing at home. Plaque in all its stages poses the risk of oral diseases. Cavities are also assessed through x-rays.

Gums: Shallow spaces between the gum and teeth are an indication of healthy gums. The divisions are assessed using a special tool. Dentists also examine your throat, head, neck, face, and tongue to ensure there is no redness and swelling that may be possible signs of other health problems.

Early detection is extremely beneficial in all types of health problems and dental health is no exception. Regular cleaning and check-ups ensure your well-being and save you a lot of money in treatments.


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