How 2d and 3d Dental Digital X-rays Works

The digital X-Ray scanner is fixated on a rotating arm and uses digital technology, instead of previously used films, to record the images. The technique is called 3D ConeBeam because the scanner casts x rays in a cone-shaped beam.

No prior preparations are needed. The patient rests in a chair while the scanner motions in a circle around their heads, gathering all the scanned data.

The specialists can view the images in 2D, 3D, panorama, or a sequence. They can also see the scans from differing angles and magnifications to assess the relationship between the patients’ teeth, bones, nerves, tissues, airways, and evaluate the treatment plan.

Bonus point! 3D ConeBeam Imaging and CT scan both produce high-quality imaging; however, 3D ConeBeam Imagining does the job with less radiation.

Aqua Dental Wellness, located in Winnipeg, reports that digital x-rays produce 60% fewer radiations to capture a high-quality image. Additionally, there is no hazardous waste.

Compared to typical dental X-rays, 3D ConeBeam Imagining reveals more than flat scans. It provides the practitioners with complete visual information which allows them to study the patient’s case from every angle. The original scans can also be replicated, and since data is intangible, it is stored more efficiently than tangible films.

Detailed information provided to the doctors by 3D ConeBeam X-ray images translates into improved patient care. Patients are also able to derive contentment and maintain faith in their treatments.

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