Do you have bad breath?

by: Dr. Tom Swanlund

Bad breath otherwise known as halitosis can affect anyone at one time or another. In most circumstances it is a temporary condition and due to food or beverage that was consumed prior. In other situations bad breath becomes a chronic condition and can be due to a variety of factors such as; digestive problems, dry mouth due to medications and aging, poor oral hygiene, mouth breathing, a diet high refined carbohydrates, smoking, enlarged/infected tonsils/adenoids/sinuses and untreated oral infections.

With simple bad breath a few tips can help to keep your breath fresh between professional dental visits.

-Brushing 2-3x day -Brush the top of your mouth and tongue

-Floss 1x day -Replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months

-Use saliva-producing sugarless gum or candies

-Drink water or plain tea throughout the day

-See your dentist for professional cleaning a minimum of twice a year, regular visits are the best defense against bad breath

If bad breath continues after using these tips consistently, then further investigation may be warranted by both the dentist and physician.

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