3 Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth

Looking in the mirror and noticing that you chipped a tooth isnโ€™t fun at all. Is the chipped tooth upfront, or is it in the back? Some people notice a tooth that has been chipped because it cuts their tongue. Some chips are small, and some chips are larger and tied to tooth decay. Tooth enamel is strong, yes, but a chipped tooth can certainly happen. Here are 3 ways to fix a chipped tooth.

If the tooth is in need of minor repair, a dental filling might be all that is needed. This is going to be what is typically used for teeth in the back of the mouth. If the tooth that has been chipped is upfront and visible when you smile, a bonding process will be used by the dentist. A bonding resin is used that is the color of your actual tooth, or close to it anyway. After the resin is shaped to look natural, it is then hardened.

That is one way to fix a tooth that has been chipped in a minor way, but there are other scenarios and fixes. The tooth in question might require a dental cap or crown. What this means is that a cap that is shaped like a tooth will be placed over the remaining portion of the tooth. There are different materials that are used for these crowns and caps. Some are better for the front of the mouth, and some are better for teeth in the back.

The 3rd option for fixing a chipped tooth is a dental veneer. A dental veneer is made to only cover up the front of a tooth that has been chipped. Both a dental veneer and a dental cap or crown require that you make two trips to the dentistโ€™s office. There is one more scenario to talk about, however, and it involves a chip large enough to have affected the pulp inside a tooth.

If the pulp of your chipped tooth has been affected, root canal therapy is required. Afterward, the 2nd option above will typically be whatโ€™s done to further protect the tooth after root canal therapy. Hopefully, the chipped tooth you have only needed dental filling or bonding, but now you know what to expect when you go see a dentist about your chipped tooth. There are three options on the table, and then, of course, root canal therapy can also be required.

If you found a chipped tooth, you can trust the professionals at Aqua Dental Wellness to take care of your smile. With years of experience, our professionals are ready to help you with any issues that you might find. When this happens, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help fix any issues that you find. When you want your smile to look its best, thereโ€™s no better place to go than Aqua Dental Wellness for your next dental procedure.