10 Reasons you should not put off your dentist appointment

Should you still see your dentist despite the pandemic?

At Aqua Dental Wellness, we’re taking the necessary steps and precautions to protect the health of our patients and staff.

We understand you may be worried about the risks involved when you leave home. But rest assured we’re doing our part to prevent the spread of the virus.

Even before COVID-19, we've set in place hospital-grade disinfection and sterilization processes. Now, we also use air purifiers in every operating room and strictly implement a mandatory mask policy for everyone in the office.

All patients are screened before and on the day of their appointment. They also take a pre-procedural rinse before any treatment to reduce the presence of bacteria and viruses in the mouth.

Our front desk team wipes high-touch surfaces after every transaction. And our dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants are all equipped with personal protective equipment.

With that being said, we recommend keeping your dental appointment unless you’re feeling unwell or have been in contact with someone ill.

How important good oral health is

Maintaining good oral health is part of maintaining good overall health. Here are ten good reasons to never miss your dental appointments.

  1. Detect dental issues. The absence of pain doesn’t mean there’s no issue. Routine dental check-ups allow dental professionals to identify potential issues and stop them before they get the chance to develop.
  2. Extend the lifespan of your dental work. Ensuring regular dental visits can help extend the longevity of dental work or oral appliances that you may have, such as dentures. Poor-fitting appliance also needs to be examined and fixed right away.
  3. Avoid gum disease. Treating oral inflammation can help prevent periodontal diseases. And addressing gum disease early can help prevent tooth loss and also help in managing other medical conditions.
  4. Prevent cavities. Good dental care goes beyond regular brushing and flossing. Debris will still be present in the mouth, and they can only be removed through professional dental cleanings.
  5. Prevent teeth staining. While teeth discoloration comes with aging, you can slow it down by staying proactive. The longer you leave debris on your teeth, the higher the chances of them leaving stains behind.
  6. Protect overall health. Several studies link gum disease to health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and respiratory infections. Seeing your dentist can help protect not only your dental health but also your overall health.
  7. Treat existing dental issues. If you’ve been dealing with dental issues even before the pandemic, it won’t help to continue missing treatments. Dental issues need the attention of oral health care professionals. They won’t go away on their own. Self-medicating or relying on home care alternatives may only cause the issue to worsen.
  8. Avoid spending more money. Ignoring dental issues can only cause more problems and increase your dental costs. A small cavity, which may feel manageable at first, can spread and reach the nerve, cause an abscess, and also infect surrounding teeth. What can be fixed with a filling may, in that case, already require more intensive treatments.
  9. Avoid further inconveniences. When you deal with a dental issue before it appears or at its early stages, you’re also avoiding further inconveniences. The problem can be fixed easier and faster, and you won’t have to endure discomfort or pain in your mouth, which can also affect your mobility.
  10. Feel safe throughout your visit. Finally, you still should go to the dental office because your dental team is following safety and precautionary protocols. At Aqua Dental Wellness, we’re now providing more services, aside from accommodating dental emergencies.

Taking good care of yourself is important, with or without the pandemic. More so is addressing dental issues promptly. Your dental team can offer advice on how you can care for your teeth and gums better and improve your overall well-being.

We’re ready to see you here in our dental office

So, if you’re thinking about delaying your dental appointments due to COVID-19, don’t. You still need to go, but with the utmost care.

With or without the pandemic, the dental office may be one of the safest places you can be.

Dental professionals are healthcare practitioners themselves, and working in an infectious-disease risk environment isn’t new to them.

If you need help with your dental care, we’re here to assist you. It’s hard to say when we can start getting back to usual. But in the meantime, let’s work together to keep your oral health in good condition.

Thank you as well for helping our team stay safe! We look forward to seeing you again at the office! We can’t wait to see everyone’s smile on their faces!