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How to Know for Sure if You Have a Cavity

Check out signs that indicate a cavity and the need for immediate dental care.

A woman holding up a set of dental veneers.

Dental Bonding or Veneers: Which is Better in Enhancing Smiles?

Here’s the difference between dental bonding and veneers, as well as factors to consider for choosing the right procedure.

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Healthy Little Smiles: Dental Tips for Children

Look after your child’s smile more effectively with the help of these tips.

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Are You Making These Common Brushing Mistakes?

Find out if your brushing practices can be harmful to your teeth and oral health over time.

A woman holding her mouth in pain.

How to Treat Dental Emergencies at Home Before Seeing Your Dentist

Here are tips for handling dental emergencies while waiting to see your dentist.

What Is a Cavity Exactly?

Let’s talk about how cavities form, their potential causes, and why immediate treatment is crucial.

A person holding their jaw in pain while eating an apple.

What Is Causing My Tooth to Be Sensitive?

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain in your teeth when consuming hot or cold foods and drinks? This is a common symptom of sensitive teeth and affects around one in eight people. But what is the cause?

A woman having her teeth color matched for veneers.

What issues can cosmetic dentistry address?

Here are common cosmetic dentistry concerns and options available at the dental office to address them.

What is holistic dentistry?

The difference between holistic dentistry and traditional dentistry and holistic techniques that may improve your oral and general health.

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Should I floss before or after brushing?

The sequence does matter when cleaning your teeth. Learn about the better order between flossing and brushing in this post.

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Yellow Teeth - Causes and Prevention

Here are potential causes of tooth discolouration and some ways to minimize staining.

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What is a cavity?

Learn more about cavities -how common they arein Canada, how they form, and what you can do to prevent them.

What Are Dental Sealants?

What are Dental Sealants? by: Dr. Tom Swanlund Catch Cavities Early!For many children and adults dental decay starts in the deep pits and grooves of teeth. These areas can be hard to clean and thus cavities may start. Knowing this your dentist may recommend sealants be placed on your child's teeth to help prevent dental

What is a Dental Abscess?

What is a Dental Abscess? When bacteria collects in a closed space in the body and causes an infection it is called an abscess. When an abscess forms around a tooth in the gum tissue or bone, it is called a dental abscess or a periodontal lesion. Dental abscesses can be very painful. Two types […]

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Why Do Wisdom Teeth Get Removed?

We talk about reasons why the wisdom teeth may need to be removed and why you may be able to keep them. Why do wisdom teeth get removed? Should your wisdom teeth be removed or kept? Wisdom teeth, aptly named because they erupt around the age of 18 when people are presumably older and wiser, are located at the back of the mouth.

What are wisdom teeth?

The purpose of wisdom teeth, signs they're erupting, and how to care for them. They come through between the ages of 17-25 when people are presumably wiser. Hence the term, wisdom teeth.

How often should you see the dentist?

All about dental visits - how often you should go and why they're important.

Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth

Healthy food choices are important to sustain excellent general health as well as your oral health. The vitamins and minerals that come from healthy foods can help you fight cavities and prevent gum disease.

Cavities On Baby Teeth

Keep your baby's teeth healthy and clean by brushing 2-3 x day after they erupt. You can use an infant toothbrush or even a damp washcloth to clean and remove food from the teeth

Bleeding gums is not normal

Here's why you should take bleeding gums seriously and take steps to treat it.

The surprising link between heart disease and your mouth

How the mouth is related to the heart, as various studies suggest.

Do you have bad breath?

With simple bad breath a few tips can help to keep your breath fresh between professional dental visits.

Oral Disease Prevention

Most people are aware that cavities which are untreated can cause pain, infection and possibly even tooth loss. Dental decay is one of the world's most common diseases. With proper home care and regular examinations by the dentist, cavities can be prevented and detected before they cause serious damage. Cavities are caused by certain strains of oral bacteria.

What You Need to Know About Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease causes, signs and symptoms, treatment options, and prevention.

10 Reasons you should not put off your dentist appointment

Should you still see your dentist despite the pandemic?

So what if my gums bleed?

Do your gums bleed when you brush, eat or floss? This indicates a chronic infection is present in your mouth. Bleeding gum tissue equals infection, plain and simple. Does the skin on your arm, leg, or face bleed when you touch it? Your gums shouldn't either.

Common Habits that Damage Your Teeth

Are you hurting your teeth without you knowing it? We're aware of the importance of daily brushing and flossing, but not everyone knows about common habits that may damage the teeth. While these habits may not immediately ruin our smile, they can have a long-term impact on our oral health. Here are some of them and how you can avoid them

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

At Aqua Dental Wellness we work closely with patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea as well as with their physicians. Learn More..

The Scary Truth Behind Sports Drinks and your Sports Guard

Always wear your sports guard in contact sports. It doesn't hurt to be thinking about the reduction of sugary sports drinks chilling in your mouth guard.

Aqua Dental Wellness Covid-19 Protocols

Here at Aqua Dental Wellness we have taken all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure the safety and health of our patients and staff.

Another Important Reason to Visit Your Dentist

We all know the importance of visiting your dentist on a regular basis to maintain your oral health and prevent disease, but did you know that your dentist is also screening your overall health when you visit as well?

Is Teeth Whitening safe?

Many look at a bright smile as a standard of beauty. This idea can be largely attributed to models and personalities donning a white set of teeth. Teeth whitening has, thus, become a popular procedure for people of all ages. While it's no longer new as a form of cosmetic dentistry, you might be wondering whether it's safe.

Why do I have bad breath?

Why do I have bad breath? Do you have bad breath?by: Dr. Tom SwanlundBad breath otherwise known as halitosis can affect anyone at one time or another. In most circumstances it is a temporary condition and due to food or beverage that was consumed prior. In other situations bad breath becomes a chronic condition and can […]

A Lifetime of Oral Health

A Lifetime of Oral Health by: Dr. Tom SwanlundMost people understand that diet and exercise play a large part in keeping our bodies healthy. Besides diet and exercise practicing positive oral hygiene habits and keeping our mouths healthy go a long way in keeping our body healthy. Deficient oral hygiene habits and poor oral can health […]

8 Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

8 Tips To Keep Your Mouth Healthy by: Dr. Tom Swanlund Follow these tips to keep your mouth healthy! 1. Brush at least 3x per day, preferably after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner. If you are unable to brush, drink water to naturally cleanse the food from your mouth. This can help prevent cavities. 2. […]

Cavities Are Caused by Bacteria

Cavities Are Caused by Bacteria by: Dr. Tom SwanlundCavities, simply, are openings through the protective structure of the tooth/teeth caused by infectious bacteria. The protective outer surface of the tooth is enamel. At times, due to wear and disease, other areas of tooth structure may be exposed called dentin and cementum. Enamel is the hardest/strongest structure […]

Electric or Manual Toothbrush?

Electric or Manual Toothbrush? Electric or Manual Toothbrush?by: Dr. Tom SwanlundA recent poll on showed that out of 1369 people who responded, 73% voted manual toothbrush over electric. This was not a scientific poll or study but it did show what the majority of the readers were using most. We have come a long […]

What is Gingivitis?

What is Gingivitis? Gingivitis is a common gum disease characterized by swelling and redness of the gingiva. Gingiva is the gum tissue surrounding the base of the teeth. Gingivitis is caused by the body's response to bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. Bacteria naturally exist in the mouth. Some are good and some are bad. The […]

What is Dry Mouth?

What is Dry Mouth? Does your mouth feel dry when you wake up or even during the day? Dry mouth can be uncomfortable and can also cause bad breath. But you don't have to endure it for long. Your dental team can help you manage to treat it. Dry mouth or xerostomia is caused by […]

β€œOperation Esperanza” In Ecuador

β€œOperation Esperanza” In Ecuador At the end of January, myself, my wife Julie and my son Liam had the privilege of being part of a medical/ dental mission entitled β€œOperation Esperanza” in Ecuador. In English, this means β€œOperation Hope”. Every year, this mission, organized at ground level by the local Rotary Club in Cuenca, Ecuador, […]

Super Foods that Help Prevent Cavities

There are a few superfoods and beverages that can help prevent tooth decay. It is recommended to include these when snacking...

Acid Reflux Disease and Your Oral Cavity

For those that live with acid reflux disease, they are all too familiar with the painful burning sensation that occurs when stomach contents come back up into the esophagus.

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Sensitive Teeth?

Teeth can be sensitive due to a variety of reasons but most of the time it is usually due to an irritation to the nerve of the tooth...

Tooth decay process

Tooth decay process Long-term tooth decay leads to holes forming in the tooth, also called a cavity. Tooth decay can be stopped and even reversed before a cavity forms. You can learn how the tooth decay process starts and how to disrupt it below.

Methods Of Teeth Whitening

Different Methods Of Teeth Whitening and Their Strengths & Weaknesses Dental discolouration is an incredibly common phenomenon that affects people, no matter their dental hygiene routine. No matter how often some people brush, floss, or visit the dentist, they can have persistent staining. While staining is only a cosmetic problem it can make people feel […]

Benefits of Routine Cleaning and Check-ups

Immense Benefits of Routine Dental Cleaning and Check-ups Visiting the dentist at least once a year to get a cleaning is important to keep your mouth healthy. However, many people tend to avoid it year after year until they develop problems with their teeth and gums. You may be on top of your oral hygiene […]

How 2d and 3d Dental Digital X-rays Works

How 2d and 3d Dental Digital X-rays Works The digital X-Ray scanner is fixated on a rotating arm and uses digital technology, instead of previously used films, to record the images. The technique is called 3D ConeBeam because the scanner casts x rays in a cone-shaped beam. No prior preparations are needed. The patient rests […]

3 Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth

Looking in the mirror and noticing that you chipped a tooth isn't fun at all. Is the chipped tooth up front, or is it in the back?...


How Long do Fillings And Crowns Last?

Here’s the average lifespan of dental fillings and crowns, and the factors that affect them.

Why Flossing is Important

Why Flossing is Important Most people who go to the dentist for cleanings have heard a lecture or two about the importance of flossing. While it may seem unimportant though, flossing is a critical part of maintaining short-term and long-term oral health. Teeth do not have two sides; they have five sides. If you only […]